We have been tuning into our new Unit of Inquiry:  How We Organize Ourselves. We have been exploring the related concepts of Symbols and Language by investigating signs and symbols […]


  Students have been tuning into our How We Express Ourselves unit. Students are inquiring into perspective and how every person views the world around them differently. Students went to […]


PYP 4 students had the opportunity to visit Mathaf: Museum of Modern Art.  The students, together with Ms. Chantelle, explored how to appreciate an art gallery and the powerful impact […]

Inspire and Empower

Opportunity through Sport Opportunity and sport. Opportunity to push past physical and mental boundaries while learning teamwork, while having fun–this is Volleyball at QAS for the 2019 Girls’ Team.  Some […]

MYP Updates

Grade 10 students have been hard at work on their Personal Projects, completing their research and developing their plans. It is important that the students consider their self-management and problem-solving […]