The PTA volunteers organized a snakes and ladders activity game for the Peace One Day event at the primary school for pre-school students, introducing the children to good values. […]

Grade 4

PYP 4 have been digging into our new Unit of Inquiry: Sharing The Planet.  We have been inquiring into some related concepts such as Conservation and Sustainability. We have been […]

Grade 1

In math, PYP 1 students have been inquiring into ways to make numbers and noticing how numbers are connected. We have been using strategies such as “counting all” to “counting […]

Counselling Team

Over the last month, the counseling department focused the guidance curriculum on academic readiness, study skills and Kelso’s choices.Our first parent session had a target for parents to see academic readiness being unfolded. Academic readiness is an efficient and effective way to respond to academic life for all ages. Study […]

Grade 4

PYP 4 have inquired into communities and how the choices we make affect others. As a PYP 4 community, we have also been exploring the character traits of an effective […]