Grade 3

Grade 3 scientists began exploring different properties of matter this month. Students rotated between different property stations in each classroom to inquire about liquids and solids. Buoyancy (sink or float), […]

Grade 4

Fourth grade has had a great start to the year. We had a field trip to the Escape Rooms to support our unit of inquiry about building effective communities. Also […]

Grade 5

Grade 5 have been inquiring into the elements of communities. They have identified four elements of our community that help us build relationships; Learner Profile Code of Care QAS Values […]

Physical Education

During PE the students have been introduced to, are practising and refining fundamental movements through obstacle courses, games and music and movement activities. Students are learning about movement as they […]

Visual Art

The theme of community has also run strongly through the Arts within QA Sidra Primary School. In the initial weeks of school students and staff have been involved in creating […]


The start of a new school year at QA Sidra provides opportunities for building community. Music has an enormous power to bring people from all different walks of life to […]

Arabic Assessment

We will be implementing an Arabic Proficiency Assessment in  mid- October. The assessments we are piloting and proctoring are called TALA and Mubakkir. This initiative is  occuring in several QF […]