Pre 3

The first weeks of school in Pre 3 were all about meeting new friends and exploring different ways of cooperating and sharing through various sensory play experiences. Sensory play supports […]

Pre 4

In Pre 4A, we have been encouraging new friendships by structuring our classroom play. Children have had an assigned partner each day to play with, giving them a chance to […]


KG has spent time getting to know the roles and responsibilities within the school community. They prepared interview questions to then go and ask people. Students worked on hands on […]

Grade 1

Grade 1 have been looking at the importance of perspective while building a sense of community and managing and resolving conflicts. We have deepened our understanding of the key concept […]

Grade 2

Improving Learning and Memory in Grade 2 Through Mindful Awareness and Self-Regulation Exercises: A Brain-Based Approach In society today, distraction has become the new normal. Daniel Goleman, Author of Focus: […]