Secondary School

Workshop with Counselors

  The counseling team during the online learning has hosted the following workshops: Stress Management during Pandemic the 23rd of March Presentation about university admissions in the UK the 30th of March Presentation about university admissions the 6th of April During those workshops the goal were: Understanding of the changes […]

Who We Are 

  Grade 6 English Language Acquisition gave oral presentations on the topic Who We Are. Students learned the basics of good oral presentations: organizing the contents, making eye contact, facing […]

Optical Art

Students in Grade 6 Visual Art completed art presentations in culmination and celebration of their Optical Art unit. They engaged in group critique session where they discussed their process of […]

Robot Rumble

Students in the Robotics course tested their skills in the Robotics Rumble competition at ASD on January 19th. Students designed, constructed and programmed their own SumoBots using color sensors to […]