January 2019

Grade 4 – Time and Place

  We are ready to start our “Where we are in place and time” unit of inquiry into history and culture. We will be finding out about the links between history, culture and resources within countries and will be starting by looking at Qatar history. We will be researching  r […]

Grade 2 – Impact of Litter

Grade 2 went to Simaisma Beach to observe the condition of the beach. We used the compass points activity to guide our observations. Students were documented Needs, Suggestions, things they were Excited about, and things they found Worrisome. They were alarmed by the amount of litter and the impact litter […]

Grade 1 – Time and Place

In our last unit of inquiry: Where we are in place and time, Grade 1 students had a chance to deepen their understanding of the key concepts of change and connection. We looked at how things have changed or stayed the same over time. For their summative assessment, each student […]

Primary Open House – Every Month

  We are pleased to share with you an additional opportunity to connect with your child’s learning  experiences at school – our monthly Open House. As a part of our community approach to sharing and celebrating learning the primary school will continue to hold monthly assemblies. These are an opportunity […]