December 2018

Grade 4

During this new unit, students are inquiring into how media is used to convey and express opinions and ideas. Through the concepts of perspective and function, we will explore the […]

Grade 3

During this unit students had the opportunity to walk to Mathaf to respond to artwork. Students responded to art by describing how the seven elements of art were used, connecting […]

Grade 2

Teaching students to stop and reflect on what zone their body and mind are in, teaches them to identify different emotions, empowers them to self-regulate and to be responsible for […]

Grade 1

Where we are in place and time In our current unit, students are inquiring into “Learning about the past helps people to understand the present”. Students are using the concept […]


How We Express Ourselves During the unit “Visual Art communicates and expresses ideas” students examined many famous artists’ work. They developed an understanding of how colour, shape and line contribute […]

Pre 4

During the ongoing How the world work unit, children explored different materials and how they change. They played with flour, clay, and sand. Children showed enthusiasm while playing with materials, […]

Pre 3

In the past few weeks, the Pre3 students have been exploring different materials. We observed how materials change and enjoyed sensory play using flour, bran, water, corn flour and shaving […]