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Grade 4

Sharing the planet has been a fruitful and eventful unit of inquiry. Students developed their research skills by; formulating questions about the usage of plastic bags, conducting their surveys to […]

Grade 3

  PYP 3 students have been working on their summative projects for the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit. They have chosen a message to express through poetry, puppet show, comic […]

Grade 1

  PYP 1 students have been developing their understanding of Place Value. They have learned that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones through […]

Sleep and Absences Matter

Research clearly indicates that adequate sleep and your child’s attendance in all classes for the full day is vital to ensure that they are successful. Students should have sufficient sleep each night (8 – 13 hours depending on age).   You can find out more information about the importance of sleep […]


Agency is a term that has become part of our daily conversations at QA Sidra. However, do we have a common understanding of what it means?  Here is a definition […]