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QAS X Sustainability

Qatar Academy Sidra was awarded by the Qatar Green Building Council for their participation during Sustainability Week 2019. Students documented various ways Qatar Foundation entities consider sustainability in their respective […]

Grade 9

Grade 9 students use the Socratic Seminar method to engage in analyzing texts and demonstrating knowledge and connections orally. The process is student led and the teacher is a voiceless presence. One student facilitates the participation while others use academic language to connect ideas of perspective and migration with citations […]

Grade 6

Our children’s well-being always comes first Grade 6 students have now completed three months at Secondary School. They are settled and working well within their classes. Some students are really […]

MYP Enrichment

Future change agents for a sustainable world. The QAS Environmental Issues MYP Enrichment Class has joined The Global Nomads – Ocean Health Program which encourages students to collaborate with their […]

DP Updates

After almost a full semester of classes Grade 11 students have made their decisions regarding their continuation in IB Diploma classes at Standard Level or Higher Level. The latter requires […]

Learning Hub

Qatar Academy Sidra in collaboration with both Hamad Hospital and “Qatar Reads” has launched the, “There is Always Time to Read” campaign. The campaign is a fun series of entertaining […]

Grade 5

As a culmination to their unit our PYP 5 learners designed structures that were based around the concepts of form and function. Through our learner’s collaborative inquiries they researched, designed, […]