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Two Step Equations

Grade 7 students started the semester by simplifying algebraic expressions and then moved on to solving one-step and two-step algebraic equations.  Thinking about balance and opposites has really helped us to remember how to undo these equations, combine our like terms and isolate our missing value, our variable.  Grade 7 […]


    On February 24th, Grades 6-8 will have an assembly reminding them about the 3R’s – Ready for learning, Respectful and Responsible – so they are able to be academically successful. Our community of kindness is an inclusive safe haven where all learners build self-confidence to be the best […]

PE Report

During online learning, it was great to see students building their routines and keeping active and energetic at home. Students were able to develop fantastic self-management and organization skills by […]

PYP Exhibition

We are pleased to write about Qatar Academy Sidra’s Primary Years Programme Virtual Exhibition. Our PYP 5 learners have been working collaboratively within a virtual environment to showcase their learning […]