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Grade 4

PYP 4 have inquired into communities and how the choices we make affect others. As a PYP 4 community, we have also been exploring the character traits of an effective […]

Grade 3

PYP 3 students are starting off the year inquiring into and exploring matter and materials. Students are approaching their learning through research, self-management, and thinking skills. By experimenting, students are […]

MYP Updates

We were very excited to receive the MYP results achieved by our G10s (now G11s) in May 2019. Over 80% of students achieved the MYP Certificate, with 60% of these being a Bilingual MYP Certificate. This is outstanding and deserves huge congratulations! After a year of hard work, with students […]

DP Updates

Welcome home Panthers.  This week our panthers returned to school and met their team of highly qualified and internationally experienced education professionals.   Our panthers have started the year by forging strong positive community connections and having growth mindsets. We know it is going to be a year of fantastic […]