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English Languge and Literature – IBDP-1

The Year 11 IBDP English Language and Literature students analysed the Gardens of Al-Andalus exhibition at the  Qatar National Library (QNL). The analysis was a cross-curricular task to locally contextualize their readings.  The students used an assigned list of content themes and vocabulary as well as TOK-inspired questions to draw […]

Grade 1

In their current unit of inquiry Grade 1 is looking at “How we express ourselves”.  As a part of their language integration they are exploring characters and the role that […]

Preschool 4

Pre-school 4 students have been enjoying the cooler weather. They have been going outdoors more and strengthening their gross motor skills through climbing, running, riding trikes, and playing on the […]

Preschool 3

The Pre-school 3 students have been exploring the world around them through their five senses. They have been using their smell, taste and touch to experience and learn about themselves […]