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The collaborative community art mural has been erected in the school. It is has been wonderful to see the excitement and pride of the artists. Students have been exploring a […]

PE/ Sport

The students started with some fun and successful sporting year. So far, we had the students participating in the QASSPA interschool football meets and the cross country run. The students […]

Learning Hub

Arabic Reading Competition At the beginning of the 1st semester, the Learning Hub presented an Arabic Reading competition to students in grades 2-5. Every participant needed to read 3-4 stories […]

Grade 5

Grade 5 students visited Qatar Botanical Garden in December to understand the science curriculum in interactive ways. Finding out about their central idea, “people innovate to meet needs within communities,” […]

Grade 4

During this new unit, students are inquiring into how media is used to convey and express opinions and ideas. Through the concepts of perspective and function, we will explore the […]

Grade 3

During this unit students had the opportunity to walk to Mathaf to respond to artwork. Students responded to art by describing how the seven elements of art were used, connecting […]