Well-being for all learners 

During the pandemic and distance learning the Wellbeing Council has focused on the following domains:

  • Addressing all needs for wellbeing for students, parents and staff
  • Recognizing the changes, the stress and the anxiety that the pandemic might cause
  • Considering all individual needs and provide support and suggestions.

More specifically, the council has reinforced through individual and group sessions, calls, posts, videos tips and messages the following guidelines:

  1. Create routines
  2. Take care of your health
  3. Make life simpler
  4. Find time to relax and exercise mindfully
  5. Identify emotions
  6. Express emotions (journals, music, art)
  7. Control what you can control
  8. Compartmentalize
  9. Social media diet
  10. Nurture resilience and hope
  11. Practice empathy and not sympathy
  12. Be there for each other