MYP 2 Learning Update


During this interesting time in education, Grade 7 students are taking full advantage of the circumstances to continue learning and applying their knowledge and skills in Language and Literature. With help  from Ms. Molly, MYP 2 students have used the audio book Freak the Mighty to continue to study conflict and story structures of fictional text. Additionally, students are using Freak the Mighty as inspiration to create their own short stories with similar structures. Students have been able to showcase their artistic abilities while also showing their creativity through writing.

حديثات طلاب ال MYP2

خلال التعليم المستمر عن بعد طلاب الصف 7 أخذوا روح المغامرة لإكمال عملية تعليمهم عن بعد مع بعض المساعدة من السيدة مولي استخدم طلاب الصف MYP2 الكتاب المسموع Freak the Mighty  لاستكمال دراسة الثقافات .
بالإضافة الى استخدام الطلاب ل Freak the Mighty لعمل قصصهم القصيرة مع الثقافات الاخرى . استطاع الطلاب إظهار مواهبهم .