Month: Jun 2020

Workshop with Counselors

  The counseling team during the online learning has hosted the following workshops: Stress Management during Pandemic the 23rd of March Presentation about university admissions in the UK the 30th of March Presentation about university admissions the 6th of April During those workshops the goal were: Understanding of the changes […]

Ongoing Learning Support

  Learning Support teachers have been engaging with students through online meetings from March to May.. It has been fantastic to see students taking the opportunity to really get involved in the extra support and opportunities to construct their learning and understandings. Parents also have been involved in the support […]

DP 1 Learning Update

Independent inquiry learning such as reading, researching, project development, presentation planning, essay writing and examination technique practice are all at the heart of the life of an IB Diploma student.  However, students still need the stimulus, challenge and quick feedback of a classroom of colleagues and the teacher. This has […]

MYP 4 Learning Update

  Grade 9 students have embraced online learning over the past few weeks. They have enjoyed seeing their teachers and friends face to face using various platforms like GoToMeeting.  They have also enjoyed the interactive nature of most of their lessons, using software like EdPuzzle and Kahoot. They are happy […]

MYP 3 Learning Update

In Performing Arts class with Ms. Caroline Renaud, students created a short narrative film with an important message communicated through artistry and play. Students were asked to create a film to communicate something important to them using the elements of music and drama. Possibilities include a moment in time, something […]

MYP 1 Learning Update 

MYP 1 is engaging well in their new, “Continuous Learning” environment. Students are enjoying trying new digital tools like Edpuzzle, Google Hangouts and GotoMeeting as well as utilising well known ones like Quizlet, Kahoot and of course ManageBac. Students are becoming more confident with their online presence even presenting a […]

IB Diploma Writing 

Enjoy exploring The Journey Collective  a book which is a culmination of our DP students’ exploration of writing and researching conventions and literary techniques. Thank you to Ms. Melissa Kandido for the thoughtful facilitation of this rich example of our students’ learning outcomes. This book documents a time no other […]