Academic Records

QA Sidra releases academic records to students and parents on a regular basis as per the reporting and assessment timelines.  These records include;

  • Mid Semester Progress Reports and Semester Reports
  • Measure of Academic Progress reports (Note:  Parents must attend the MAP workshop to obtain this report)
  • Individualised Accommodations Plan (IAP) Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) or Individualised Advanced Learning Plan (IALP), where appropriate

QA Sidra only provides one copy of these records and it is strongly advised that parents ensure that they maintain a secure record of all of their children’s academic records.  QA Sidra will provide additional copies of academic records as per the withdrawal practices.

Leaving Qatar Academy Sidra

Although we regret that you must withdraw your child(ren) from Qatar Academy Sidra, we wish you and your child(ren) continued success in your future endeavors.  Should a student withdraw a minimum of 45 days written notice is required to the Admissions office to ensure that documentation will be available at the time of withdrawal.

For further details please refer to the withdrawal practices outlined below

Notice of withdrawal

Formal written notice is considered to be the submission of a completed withdrawal form to the Admissions team at

The release of academic records

On receipt of a formal withdrawal form, QA Sidra will provide one (1) set of academic records, per student within ten (10) working days.

An academic record set includes;

  • Copies of the previous three semesters (Mid Year and End Year) report cards
  • Transcript (Grade 9 – 12 only)
  • A copy of the most recent Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) report
  • A copy of any supporting standardized assessment e.g. WIDA, where appropriate and recent
  • A copy of Individualised Accommodations Plan (IAP) Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) or Individualised Advanced Learning Plan (IALP), where appropriate

Families needing additional copies of academic records are asked to submit a fee of QR 150 per set. The fees for additional sets can be paid in cash.

Request for Recommendations

On receipt of a formal withdrawal form, a parent can request a recommendation letter from QA Sidra by emailing the Admissions team at

This written request should indicate:

    • the need for a recommendation
    • the purpose of the recommendation
    • the preferred people to complete the recommendation

The Admissions team will share the request (by forwarding the email to the appropriate Counselors who will facilitate the completion of the recommendation)

Parents can share the recommendation form by delivering the hardcopy recommendation form to the Admissions Office (Secondary Campus).  Or as directed by the Counselor the parent may send an electronic form directly to the appropriate teacher(s)

Teachers are under no obligation to write a recommendation.

Recommendations will not be released directly to parents however if contact details are provided QA Sidra is happy to forward the recommendation directly to a registered school.

QA Sidra assures that the recommendation will be completed and forwarded to the appropriate school within ten (10) working days.

Leaving Students final report/transcript

Final semester reports/transcripts will not be released until all outstanding fees are paid and all school materials and books are returned.  Students will be required to complete a check out form. A check form will be issued on receipt of a withdrawal form / issued at the end of a school year.

On as students last school day they will receive;

  • a Certificate of Attendance
  • a copy of the final semester report
  • a copy of an adjusted transcript (Grade 9 – 12)
  • School Reference