Primary Principal’s Message

The Importance of Clear Policies and Procedures in our School

Our school is an active place of learning everyday . We value each person’s happiness and wellbeing and believe it is the quality of the relationships within our community that engage and empower us all to become active, compassionate lifelong learners who understand and value each other’s differences.

We are a complex organization that has many moving parts. Our parents trust our school to keep their children safe and provide a good education. Our teachers expect our school to help them do their jobs effectively. Our school Advisory Board and leadership team have certain expectations about how our school should run.

In order to function effectively,  our school has essential practices, clear policies, and  protocols and procedures that guide day-to-day processes. These policies cover everything from attendance, to student pastoral care, to emergency procedures. Our policies set proper expectations and create a safe learning environment.

In order to provide an environment that is safe and conducive for learning we encourage all our community (students, parents and teachers) to review regularly and follow our essential practices and agreements shared this year through our QAS Parent Handbook/Student and Parent Guide and  A Day in a Panther’ Life – Parent Guide.


This school year we’ve been reviewing our essential practices, protocols and procedures to make sure we refine and enhance them and at the same time develop needed practices that will continue to support our growth and safety in our school.

We will be introducing the reviewed practices for:

  1. Late arrivals and early pick up
  2. Nurse clinic visits

These practices will be communicated via your homeroom teachers in February.  These practices for late arrivals and early pick up and nurse clinic visits will be in trial for the rest of the academic year.  Please feel free to provide feedback

Our student-centered hub of and learning is a place where for students,faculty, staff and parents feel safe and celebrate together the learning that happens every day. We look forward to your support in following with our school’s essential practices so that we can give our students very strong “ roots to grow and wings to fly.”

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Mrs Erika -Primary School Principal