Grade 5 – How We Share the Planet

We have started a fascinating journey into the unit of inquiry “How We Share the Planet”. For a couple of weeks we have inquired into different concepts related to ecosystems, habitats, infinite and finite resources, peace and conflict resolution, and rights and responsibilities. We have visited other G5 rooms and have been invited to demonstrate our prior knowledge.

We have also learnt how to create inquiry and smart questions, and have started to understand how powerful a central idea can can be and how to create one following certain criteria.

Our plants in the Green Bronx Machine keep growing, and we will soon come back to visit the fantastic Botanical Gardens and learn a lot more about seed, planting and growing.

We continue to read fiction and non-fiction texts in order to have a deeper and clearer picture of the concepts developed in our unit of inquiry.

In Maths we keep reviewing and strengthening our multiplication and division skills