Grade 4 – Time and Place


We are ready to start our “Where we are in place and time” unit of inquiry into history and culture.

We will be finding out about the links between history, culture and resources within countries and will be starting by looking at Qatar history.

We will be researching  r another country which will be chosen by the students. At the end of the unit, we will have  mini presentations where the students will show what they have learned through their research with their group. Parents will be invited to come and be a part of the mini exhibition, as will other classes at QA Sidra.

In reading, we are still  working on fiction and the analysis of characters. We are  spending time learning how to access non-fiction texts due to the research-heavy nature of the unit. Much of our writing will also be based on this project, as students write information they have discovered in their Big 6 journals, using their own words.


In mathematics, we will continue learning multiplication skills and work on division as we prepare to start working on fractions.