Portfolio Essential Agreements & Guidelines – SeeSaw – SeeSaw

Portfolio Essential Agreements & Guidelines – Early Years to Grade 5

Portfolio Philosophy

Within an academic year, evidence of learning in a portfolio should be from a range of experiences and curriculum areas. The portfolio must include the development of knowledge, conceptual understanding, ATL’s, attitudes and the attributes of the learner profile.

A developmentally appropriate reflection will accompany selected pieces of work.

The portfolio may also be used to document learner action.

Portfolio entries should document both the process of learning and the product, including images and evidence of learners in the process of constructing meaning. It can be used as a tool for assessment, reflection and reporting purposes for learners, parents, teachers and administrators


Seesaw is the online platform for Early Years through Grade 5. Seesaw is a reflective tool and a record of students’ involvement in learning. It is a tool to inform parents of their child’s learning journey, encourages reflective thinking and allows students to make their learning visible.


Seesaw platforms include:

  • Inform parents / class reminders/celebration of learning
  • Samples of the learner’s work/learner reflections
  • Upcoming events
  • Unit of inquiry information
  • Suggested home learning/announcements
  • Seesaw blog
  • Class reminders

What is included?

Samples of learners’ work may include but are not limited to:

  • Process and completed tasks/experiences
  • Learner reflections
  • Formative assessments
  • Snapshot of a day, such as
    • Field trips
    • Sports day
    • Buddies
    • Assembly