Sharing with Care as Digitial Citizens

As families and communities find themselves immersed in online communities, it is important to learn how to navigate being a good person and digital citizen by learning how to be safe, secure, kind, and open when on the internet.  Therefore, QA Sidra celebrated Digital Citizen week from October 14th-18th.

Our fantastic learning hub focused on educating all grade levels in the library, while in the classroom, our excellent grade 3-5 teachers facilitated Google’s “Be Internet Awesome – Share with Care” activities each day of the week. Our students also had the opportunity to engage in the online video game, “Interland’s Mindful Mountain.” Interland is a google game space where students can practice identifying and discussing various aspects of “Share with Care” activities using their Chromebooks or iPads.  Through this game students practices understanding the importance of being good digital citizens by learning about privacy, sharing, and how perceptions can shift and impact us; especially when online.

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