Pre 4

In Pre 4A, we have been encouraging new friendships by structuring our classroom play. Children have had an assigned partner each day to play with, giving them a chance to communicate and support each other while learning. We have observed beautiful collaborative artwork, imaginative play using block constructions, active running games, and intricate constructions for toy cars to park on. All this rich play has encouraged the children to communicate, collaborate, and create. The children have shown great enthusiasm for the new relationships they have formed. We hope to continue to build happy, collaborative friendships as they year continues.”

– Ms. Foster and Ms. Hanan

Pic 27.JPG

Collaborative art work to build community

Wow! The first few weeks of Pre 4 have flown by quickly! Pre 4B have made a fabulous start to their new school year. After discussing and developing essential agreements that they think are fair for everyone’s happiness and safety, the students jumped right in and have done their very best to follow them. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of activities! The children have been working hard on their fine motor skills, they love-love playing the part of a baker or customer in the kitchen, have enjoyed learning new fingerplays and exploring the new resources in class. Most importantly, they’ve build new friendships and reignited old friendships. Overall, the start of the year has been a “Roaring” and “Snapping” success! We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings! – Ms. Sheetal and Ms. Wafa

Pic 28

Construction and creativity through play

In Pre 4C, we kicked off the year with some fun literacy/numeracy activities, as well as practicing writing our names. In tune with our UOI – Who We Are, we made friendship bracelets out of wool using a template. These were created to give away to those we care about and strengthen our friendships/relationships. We were fortunate enough to have parent readers come in to read to us, as well as give us a Taekwondo workshop! We had lots of fun making healthy ice-cream (made with just milk & sugar) as well as no bake sugar- free cookies using oat flour and honey. Both cooking ideas were ideas generated through in -class discussions about what is good for us and helps us thrive, and what should be consumed in moderation as a means of caring for ourselves.

– Ms. Khadijah and Ms. Salwa

Pic 29

A proud artist