Grade 5

Grade 5 have been inquiring into the elements of communities.

They have identified four elements of our community that help us build relationships;

  • Learner Profile
  • Code of Care
  • QAS Values
  • Action

Grade 5 conducted an initial guided inquiry to identify the form and function of each of these elements through conducting interviews with individuals in our community. After this initial inquiry, we discussed how we might go further. We identified Mr Ryan as an expert on these elements within our school and invited him for an interview in our class.

Each group then brainstormed a list of questions that would lead to a deeper understanding of the impact these elements may have on our community from Mr Ryan’s perspective.

Salem posed as the interviewer and was a confident communicator. The students used Seesaw tools to document answers to their questions for later reflection. This was a rich learning experience where children demonstrated an ability to actively lead their own inquiries, pose thought-provoking questions, all while building their relationship with Mr Ryan.

We look forward to reflecting on Mr Ryan’s answers and making conclusions about our first inquiry as a class. A huge thank you to Mr Ryan for taking the time to come and share with us. Building community through our inquiry. Fantastic job Grade 5!