Welcome to the 2018-19 Academic Year

by Kim Sharee Green (QA Sidra Director)

Welcome to the new school year at Qatar Academy Sidra Community. As you know the Qatar Academy Sidra (QA Sidra) experience is unique. We engage and empower all in the pursuit of learning to ensure that together, as a supportive community of parents, faculty, and staff, we give each individual child “roots to grow and wings to fly”.

This year over 800 people from 40 different countries walk through the gates of our school; a place where we value each person’s happiness and wellbeing. This year we begin our seventh year of operations and will see in June 2019, twenty students graduating from QA Sidra.  As we start the year we reflect on the success of our Grade 12 Graduates from 2018. We were delighted that all students realised their predicted results, all three students are about to attend their first choice university and 100% of the students that were sitting for an IB Diploma were successful.  We are proud of our first graduating classes success.

We believe it is the quality of the relationships within our community that engage and empower us all to become active, compassionate lifelong learners who understand and value each other’s differences.  We know that as parents in our school you will play an important role in building the culture of our school community and in supporting your child’s learning journey. To enable us to effectively meet the needs of our students we need your help.  We need you to communicate with us about your hopes and concerns. We need you to share with us your child’s celebrations and worries. We need you to work with our teaching team to ensure that your child is growing and thriving. Your child’s successful journey at QA Sidra depends on us working in partnership, with positive intentions and with your child’s best interests at heart.

Once again welcome to the Qatar Academy Sidra community. QA Sidra is more than just a school; it is a student-centered hub of inquiry, it is our community. QA Sidra is a place for students, faculty, staff, and parents to play, learn, grow and celebrate.  We are delighted to have you returning or joining us at QA Sidra and thank you for trusting us to give your child(ren) “roots to grow and wings to fly”.


Front to Back:  Erika Velez (Primary School Principal, Kim Sharee Green (Director), Carolyn Mason-Parker (Secondary School Principal)

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