Welcome Back to the Secondary School

by Ms. Carolyn Mason-Parker

Welcome to the 2018-19 academic year to all of our new QAS students, and welcome back to all the returning students.   As you return you will notice a few changes around the school this year.

  • We have some building works that are in progress and will shortly be completed.  This includes the addition of two new Science spaces. One of these is for the introduction of our Diploma Programme Physics course and one is specifically for our younger middle years programme scientists.science.  These additional science laboratories will ensure all students can access appropriately equipped laboratories for all learning needs.  
  • Additionally, we are growing and developing our Art and Design programme.  This year we will start teaching Music in the secondary school, and continue to add teaching and learning spaces for Visual Art, and for the Product Design programme. Look out for announcements of upcoming exhibitions, showcases, and recitals.

The first day of any academic year always has a charge of excitement and the promise of celebration and achievements to come and our first day did.  I know I always struggle to sleep on the first day back to school, and this year was no different. What is comforting to know, is that I am not alone. A number of students have shared the thrill of anticipation around learning. Everyone is very excited to be back in school and ready for the challenges to come.

“I can’t wait to start school again – my final year!”  Jade D’Mello Grade 12

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